About Me

Hi, I’m Hannah! I am a mixed-media artist, environmental advocate, Disney fanatic, and faux meat connoisseur. Currently I am a political science major and studio art minor at Drew University.

My focus is on environmental policy, and I plan to use my knowledge of public policy to work with power players (i.e. corporations) in reducing their carbon footprints and adopting environmentally-friendly behaviors. Until then, I use the power of my diet to help the planet! By becoming a pescatarian and trying to reduce my consumption of animal products, I can send a message to the animal agriculture industry that I don’t support their practices.

When I’m not cooking or sending links to new fake meat items to everyone I know, (follow along on @meatlesshannah on Instagram!) I create mixed media oil paintings that surround themes of environmental justice/protection, mental health, and politics. All of this is available to view on http://hannahbouchard.com. My art and advocacy always go hand in hand. Together, we can discover new ways to live sustainably, starting with what we eat!